Standard Trading Conditions

Legal Liability Limit: The liability for loss or damage of material shipped under GlobeX Logistics direction on behalf of its clients is limited to the legal liability limit of the carrier (international air cargo legal liability: $9.07/lb Ocean NVOCC: $500.00 per package) and/or service- contractor employed on the clients behalf as stated in their tariff or conditions of operation. At the written request of the shipper, and if the appropriate premium is paid or agreed to be paid in writing by the shipper and that fact recorded on the shipping documents, the goods covered will be insured on behalf of the shipper under an open policy for the amount requested by the shipper as set forth in the shipping documents (recovery being limited to that actual loss or damage not exceeding the insured value) against all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause whatsoever except those arising directly or indirectly from war risks, strikes, riots, hostilities, legal seizure or delay and subject to the terms and conditions of such policy, which is available for inspection by the shipper.

We strongly suggest that all exhibitors request the additional policy of insurance that is available through GlobeX Logistics or that all exhibitors carry an insurance policy from point of departure to final destination. Policies are readily available through your corporate insurance department or agent.

A notice of intent to file claim must be received in writing within ten calendar days or receipt of the material and a formal claim received within thirty days of receipt of the material. Transport/handling charges must be paid in full before the respective carrier or its agents will accept a formal claim. Use of GlobeX Logistics service implies acknowledgement and acceptance of the foregoing.

RESTRICTED ARITICLES: The FAA has very strict regulations governing the packaging and shipping of restricted articles and special arrangements must be made for their movement. It is the shipper’s responsibility to label the cartons containing restricted articles correctly and to provide GlobeX Logistics with the proper documents for the international shipment. IMPORTANT, please plan to have your restricted articles shipment arrive at the consolidation point of your choice at least one week prior to our cut off dates. Pilots have the final say on whether a restricted articles shipment will fly on their aircraft and the considerable delays can occur in their movement. Restricted articles include paints, flammable substances, cleaning solvents, oil and gasoline and their by-products, aerosols, explosives, corrosives, matches/lighters, magnetized and radioactive items. Failure to ship these items properly will seriously delay both the movement and inbound clearance of your equipment. Please give GlobeX Logistics advance notice if you are planning on shipping restricted articles.

SHIPMENTS OF FOREIGN-MADE GOODS: In order to avoid the possibility of U.S. Customs assessing duties and/or penalties on returning foreign merchandise, you may wish to have these goods registered prior to their being exported from the United States. The registration process itself is relatively simple, however since U.S. Customs must first examine the goods, you must allow for additional time for its completion. If you would like to have your goods registered, we require three working days prior to our cut off date. In addition, we ask that you complete a separate commercial invoice, listing model and serial numbers and that they be readily accessible during the inspection. The completed registration form will be held at the port of export until the subsequent re-importation of the goods themselves.

ON-FORWARDING AND INTERIM STORAGE: If you plan to use your equipment at another exhibition in the United States or at another location overseas, please notify us in advance so that the necessary arrangements can be coordinated wit the on-site contractor. GlobeX Logistics can arrange for bonded storage in many locations throughout the world, enabling you to save substantial time and money by keeping your exhibit material overseas between shows.

IMPORTS BACK TO THE USA: Should you wish to nominate a specific customs broker to handle the import clearance formalities of your return goods, please notify GlobeX Logistics in advance to the goods arrival. We will require the full name, telephone and contact details of your nominated broker. Upon the arrival of your goods, we will immediately turn over all documentation required for the customs clearance. If you prefer that GlobeX Logistics arrange for the entire re-import process, please advise us of where the goods are to return, and we will supply you with the correct customs power of attorney form.

SALE OF EXHIBITS: Goods may be sold during the exhibition, but under no circumstances are the goods to be removed from the exhibition site until duty/tax has been paid and the permanent customs entry has been filed.

ON-SITE CHARGES: GlobeX Logistics has made arrangements to be invoiced for all on site services. Therefore, it will not be necessary for you to carry cash with you to pay the on site contractor. These charges will be billed to you on GlobeX Logistics invoice.

PAYMENT OF CHARGES AND TERMS: Our terms are net 15 days from the date of invoice. This is because the charges for which you are being invoiced represent monies already advanced by GlobeX Logistics and/or its agent. GlobeX Logistics reserves the right to deliver any material in its possession on a C.O.D. basis, with an additional assignment of 1.1% per month on any past due amounts, inclusive of all charges to the point of delivery.

CONSTRUCTION OF TEMS, JURISDICTION AND VENUE AND ATTORNEY FEES: The foregoing terms and conditions shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of Nevada and applicable U.S. statutes. It is further agreed that jurisdiction and venue for any suit arising out of this transaction shall be in Clark County Nevada or in the United States District Court for the District of Nevada-Las Vegas. It is further agreed that in the event of any suit to enforce the terms and conditions hereof, then in that instance the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees and costs as fixed by court.